We Trust You have Arrived Here at CENTURION WITNESS MINISTRIES because You Are, OR You Care About a Veteran, an Active Military Member, or a First Responder — We are Glad You are Here — Welcome.

Our Nation’s Warriors…

Since the very beginning of this great nation, warriors have set out away from their homes to answer our nation’s call.  To be a Veteran is to be a part of that lineage, a piece of that amazing tapestry that began with Minutemen, and continued throughout over 200 years of battling for freedom, and for each other.
You have seen the costs of those battles, you have seen the true price of our freedom. To be certain, there are a great many sacrifices that have been made.  Many have wounds that are not readily apparent, with injuries, scars, broken pieces that are not always seen, and that are even less so, understood.  These types of wounds are also found in our First Responders (many, Veterans themselves).  
We understand those wounds, we understand the sacrifices, and we understand the battles that continue to rage – we understand because we have experienced those battles, we have been subjected to those struggles and the accompanying pain.  We understand because we are your brothers.  We want to share a victory that we know to be true, and a victory we know to be possible for you.