Chris – Senior Vice President / Chief Communications Officer

  • Retired Command Sergeant Major
  • Served 30 years on active duty
  • 4 combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan – 3 deployments as Battalion Command Sergeant Major 
  • Conducted missions to places such as North Korea and the Sinai
  • Awards include: Legion of Merit, Five Bronze Stars (2 for Valor), Meritorious Service Medal 2nd Award, and 2 Purple Hearts. 
  • Served as a Subject Matter Expert for a security firm
  • Served as a senior member of an organization facilitating the mental, spiritual, and physical well-being of Soldiers and Veterans
  • Holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and a Masters of Christian Counseling degree
  • Chris has been ministering to our nation’s Veterans since early 2012

Kelly – Senior Vice President / Chief Operating Officer

  • Retired Lieutenant Colonel
  • Served 21 years on active duty
  • Selected to and served his last 10 years in the US Army’s Delta Force
  • Served as Delta Force troop commander in combat during Operations Just Cause and Desert Storm
  • Deployed in several other SECDEF level operations concerning high risk, sensitive activities directed by the National Command Authority on numerous continents
  • Served as the operations planner and helped lead one of the most sensitive and successful operations undertaken by U.S. Forces prior to 9/11
  • Upon retirement, operated as a Project Leader in support of several complex and sensitive compartmented projects in support of a special program office in the Pentagon
  • Kelly has served in ministry to our nation’s Veterans since 2009

Jason – Executive Vice President / Chief Technology Officer

  • Retired Sergeant First Class (medically at 12 years)
  • Served as an Infantry Rifleman, team leader, squad leader, and in various additional roles with unique responsibilities
  • Completed 4 combat deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan
  • Upon retirement served as an Agricultural Adviser to the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force in support of Village Stability Operations in Afghanistan
  • Served the Department of State as a Mobile Security Contractor in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia
  • Founded and served for 2 years as the head pastor of a non-denominational church
  • Holds a Bachelor’s degree from American Military University
  • Pursuing a joint Masters/Doctorate program in Psychology from Lipscomb and Vanderbilt Universities
  • Jason is a licensed and ordained minister and maintains a fierce passion for ministering to our nation’s veterans

David – Director of Ministry Outreach

  • Retired Enlisted US Marine 1990-Persian Gulf Era (Medically at 3.5 years)
  • Honorably served 1987 to 1990 in CONUS & Japan
  • Primary MOS was 1341 in addition to serving in 01 & 02 MOS billets
  • Recipient of (2) Expert Rifle Badges, 4.9/4.8 Pro-Con, Sea Service Deployment Medal and Certificate of Commendation from Lt. Gen Boomer
  • Post military separation, David entered the Health & Fitness Industry where he has spent the past three decades
  • David is a Master Personal Trainer with an extensive history in athletics, martial arts, health club management, regional management, ownership as well as speaks nationally on Corporate Wellness and is a business consultant
  • Founded and hosted live tv show Power Hour on Seattle Public Access
  • Holds in excess of (30) Personal Training Certifications
  • As a fellow Veteran, David’s parallel passion since 2008, is servicing our Nation’s Active Duty & Veterans through volunteering, community outreach, life coaching and ministry

Keith – President / Chief Financial Officer

  • Retired Lieutenant Colonel
  • Served 24 years on active duty (enlisted as an Infantryman)
  • Twice commanded a unit conducting missions in direct support of U.S. and allied forces on two combat deployments to Afghanistan
  • Deployed twice to Iraq on short mission sets to collect various information data points
  • Upon retirement served as Program Manager in support of a project for units with unique mission parameters
  • Worked as an Assistant Professor of Army Tactics
  • Seminary graduate with a Masters of Arts in Theological Studies, and holds a Masters of Military Arts and Science
  • Keith is an ordained and licensed minister, a former pastor, and has ministered to our nation’s Veterans since 2009