Northern Colorado Cowboy Church/N3C and Vet Connect showed Centurion Witness love and fellowship in supporting our FIREBASE missions with their very generous $3500 donation! With FIREBASE Missions resuming this month and forward, their donation allows Centurion to seek out more Veterans to share Jesus with! Thank you Pastors Darin & Lynette as well as Vet Connect Leader Travis!
We owe a tremendous amount of thanks to the amazing folks at American Legion Post 237 for their exceptionally generous donation of $5000!  The men and women of Post 237 conducted a fundraising golf tournament in spite of the challenges presented by the virus and other impediments that would have stopped most mortal efforts – thankfully, they were unfazed.  They have ensured an on-going ability of Centurion Witness Ministries to positively impact the lives of our Veteran brothers and sisters.  Thank You, Post 237!

For the second year in a row the ‘Patriots’ at Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA) 28-2 made it possible for Centurion Witness Ministries to conduct our Summer Support to Homeless Veterans through a gracious, targeted donation.  This year CVMA 28-2 donated $4000 to this needed effort.  Their donation made it possible to provide 48 ‘support bags’ to homeless Veterans utilizing the Downtown Rescue Mission and the Salvation Army.  Thank You, CVMA 28-2! 

It will never be about please give us more, it will always be about please help us DO more.


  • (6) FIREBASE Operations
  • (2) in Colorado, Alaska, Maryland, Texas & Washington State
  • Outreach Ministry in Montana, Tennessee, Kentucky, Alabama, North Carolina & Maryland
  • Public Address in Tennessee (National Platform) VA/DoD Suicide Prevention Conference
  • National 24 Hour Prayer line on Veteran’s Day
  • Sponsored by Combat Veterans Motorcycle Association (CVMA) Chapter 28-2 in the conduct of our ‘Christmas in July’ mission supporting homeless Veterans at the Salvation Army, the Downtown Rescue Mission and the local Operation Stand-Down Together organization.

*Centurion Witness Ministries brings the fight to the battlefield – simply said, we go to where the need exists.  If you have a facility that can provide billeting, meal preparation, and a modicum of peace and quiet, we’d love to hear from you.  Please click the link below if you think you can help — thank you. CWM

CWM is a certified IRS Registered 501(c)3 Charity

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