Focused on JESUS, Dedicated to Veterans

We are a Jesus-centric, Veteran-focused Ministry run by Veterans and Veteran’s supporters. Centurion Witness Ministries is Built around Ensuring the Care, Healing, and Salvation of Veterans and the Continued Spiritual Support of Veterans as they Deal with Veteran’s Issues.

Our Approach…


Pursue the enemy and identify Veterans in need. Demonstrate tenacity in pursuit of enemy activities and in stepping into the fight on behalf of others. Seek opportunities to assist others by helping to carry burdens, by initiating services to meet the needs of others, and by seeking out programs that will make a difference in the lives of others. 

(Galatians 6:2)


Seek, close with, and ENGAGE the enemy in Close Quarters Spiritual Battle and rely upon FIREBASE support activities for additional,   overwhelming firepower.  (Adhere to Psalm 18:37 “I pursue my enemies and overtake them; I do not turn back until they are wiped out.”)  Through these actions bring healing and relief to others by bringing Jesus into their lives and into the fight.  Seek Holy Spirit for the discernment to identify needs, and by fervently praying-believing-thanking Jesus for the healing we will witness in battle.     

(Matthew 9:35)


Rely upon the Father, Jesus, Holy Spirit and our brothers in the fight – through this faith and by trusting in Jesus, WIN.  Win a lasting victory for Veterans by overcoming enemy attacks, and for those in need, by ensuring their Salvation through Jesus by demonstrating Jesus is who He said He was – The Son of God – sent to pay the ultimate price for our sins – Jesus our Savior.

(Romans 10:9,10)

If you are a Veteran or know of a Veteran in need-please contact Centurion.